Yali’s Value System

Follow The Correct Way, Instead of The Easy Way

Be Yali

Its sometimes good you follow your own heart and do what is righteous. Everyone has a comment, its your right to review it.

Bond For A Life Time

One thing I realized that in spending more days in my life, you cannot have the title of your father and mother replaced as we can in many characters we meet in our lifetime.

Love & Care For Your Parents. The only Two Roles That Cannot Be Replaced in This Lifetime

Be Very Kind and Humble. Try to avoid hurting any living being.

Smile More – The first, simple way to show kindness

Make living beings feel the way you want them to make you feel. Try bringing a laugh to all beings.

Be a Gentlemen To Your Inner Self

Your job is a job, respect everyone since its a job for others too. Everyone is in the cycle so do it with passion and love . Rest is History.

Pursue a Career with Passion. The paycheck will follow.

Been Honest is very expensive.

I’ ve been Cheap at Times

One has to have a great deal of courage & confidence to stand expensive in terms of honesty. This will pave way to the righteous mindful path.

Everyone is different

Your everything is not others everything. So accepting differences and and living in humanity is what needs to be prevailed finally.

Listen before you Talk. Think before you judge.
Nothing is permanent.  Expect Surprises and always have an open mind.

Road to Reality

Have dreamt dreams to the top of the sky and sometimes I have felt that when it was near, it has gone further by. The learning is to be open and expect change, everything is possible but not permanent

When Your Wifi Connects Automatically

Amid the billions of people living in this word, we share our lives with a few who we call them Friends. They are an integral part of my life and each friend I have had from the day I had a bonding to have been a great source of enlightenment to me which I will treasure and take forward. I am sure, my hands are well open for great friends to come too

Good Friends are for a Lifetime
People who you call your blood and is of strength

Default Setting – Family

Some will not understand you. Some will not support you. Some will leave you. Some will not even care if you’re down.
But some relatives are your family composition. Been an only child, my relatives have been a great backbone in my life which I am always grateful of.

Best Human premise

Assist as much as possible in your context and make sure you are able to have a good night sleep.

Help without expecting anything in return.
Travel to Enjoy Life

New Adventures

Having a new adventure with a bunch of the same mental state travelers is one thing that has embraced a lot life experiences. Don’t be inside the box hence get out and travel to all boxes you can.

New Experiences Await before the Eyes close permanently

New values to be experienced in years to come

To be continued